The World of Retrouvai

Our jewelry is designed and created entirely in Los Angeles. The marriage of nostalgia with strong modern messages remains at the core of Retrouvaí.

Retrouvaí (Reh-tro-v-eye) is derived from the French proverb ‘Retrovailles,’ defined as the joy of reconnecting with something from one’s past

Our creations are not merely ornaments: they are tokens of love, nostalgia and self empowerment.  Retrouvaí is a poignant reminder of the significance of reconnecting with ourselves and the idea that jewelry is passed down through generations, accumulating lifetimes of stories along its journey.

Meet the Designer

Toronto-born Kirsty Stone, founder and designer of Retrouvaí, has the art of adornment in her DNA. Raised from an early age to appreciate both fashion and jewelry — one grandmother worked for a costume house and the other was a collector of semi-precious gemstones — nostalgia is both the starting point and motivating factor in her design process.

Launching Retrouvaí in 2016 was the culmination of Kirsty's unwavering passion for creative expression and obsession with jewelry as a sentimental possession. A three-time Couture Design Award winner and Gem Award nominee for Jewelry Design by Jewelers of America, Kirsty’s work funnels themes like empowerment and intuition through her own distinct lens. Her work is recognizable, incorporating technical lapidary work and three-dimensional computer engraving. Each design combines playfulness and importance, with collections spanning across motifs from traditional to whimsical. 

From a creation standpoint, Kirsty is focused on slowly evolving her collections and continuously offering one of a kind pieces. Rather than chasing trends and seasons, Kirsty is committed to creating heirlooms slowly, with unique craftsmanship, purpose and integrity. Each Retrouvaí piece is made entirely in downtown Los Angeles with conflict-free diamonds or hand-selected gemstones and set in 14k or 18k gold. 

Kirsty lives in Santa Monica with her husband Michael and three children. She enjoys the farmers market, and long walks with friends.

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