Modern heirlooms for every day.

Supply + Demand was founded on the philosophy that classic fine jewelry to a woman is both her undergarment and her armor. Our jewelry is a modern interpretation of the classic motifs that have been passed down through generations. From T-shirt to ball gown, we strive to create modern fine jewelry you put on and never want to take off; your so called sparkling army. 

Our collection combines solid 14k gold creations with a neutral palette of diamonds and rare treasures like ethically sourced horn and south sea pearls. The collection is functional, youthful, and timeless. 

A Toronto native, Founder and Designer Kirsty Surian lives and works in Los Angeles. With her collection, Kirsty aims to replicate the significance the family heirloom jewelry has had in her own life. She designs for women with a strong sense of self that can continue to integrate our timeless pieces in to their jewelry boxes.  

Every piece of jewelry is made in Los Angeles by a small team of fine jewelers with a passion for what they do.